Lifestyle living in Whitley Residences

All buyers have probably heard stories about new houses that begin to disintegrate soon after the buyer moves in? We assure you that ours is a reputed housing where such thoughts can’t even be dream of. Every house buyer dreams of a tranquil and peaceful living. To bring this dream into reality the Whitley Residences is the right place to invest in.

Your investment is safe and you are staying in an environment where your safety and peaceful existence is our first priority. It’s an impeccable investment which can’t be mocked at by any of your foes. All will envy your living lifestyle at the Whitley Residences. Your family is your treasure, but to give them the best living is our pleasure. One thing great to note about the Whitley Residences is that your investment will grow manifold in the near future. It isn’t a risky investment for Housing at Whitley Residences, but it’s a wise investment. Only wise buyers know how to invest at proper projects like the Whitley Residences. More information is available at If you are an investor or a Home buyer there is ample scope for you to buy a house at Whitley Residences the ideal place to reside in.

How to select a unit in Royal Square

Royal Square is conveniently located to attract all other types of business due to the large influx of human traffic it attracts and also it is very easy to find staff and personnel. However, at the moment, there are no available units but one can easily log into their website online and keep track of when one becomes available.

Royal Square at Novena is a condo located on 264 Thomson Road in district D12 which is 0.1 km away from NS20. If you are new to Novena, a location map can easily be obtained on line by searching on google, or any other search engine available, the location map to Royal Square in Novena. The maps are easy to read and inteprate as they have clearly outliRoyal Square health cityned streets and roads and junctions that one can follow and find exactly where it is. It also does not hurt to ask, either the residents or your real estate developer. Royal Square Novena is a popular well known place in Singapore.

If you are a first time purchaser and receive the floor plans, the best way to envision the designs is to imagine that you are literally walking through the entry way. Envision how your furniture will best fit into the floor space, if the measurements of your furniture comply with the floorspace provided. Ask for help if you have to and make the measurements right there and then. Do not be shocked after purchase that your furniture do not fit as you will incur additional costs of whether to buy near furniture or terminating your lease before hand. Also, always consider the orientation of the unit on the floor plan. Does it get sufficient lighting? Will it be blocked by future buildings that might arise? Ask your developer to point out where your unit appears on the floor plan. Noise levels near elevators can be very high and frustrating especially at night when one is trying to sleep and the elevators are running throughout.. You should also be aware of the garbage shoot location. The sound of falling garbage can be very annoying especially if you want to purchase a unit on the lower floors.

The Skywoods Has Everything A Buyer Is Looking For

When it comes to investment property, buyers are more careful than buying property for their own stay.  This is so as they are looking more for rental yield and capital appreciation rather than buying with the ‘feel’ that they have on the property.

The Skywoods is one of their top choice as it has all that buyers want.

        • Next to German International School
        • Hillview MRT Station – 5 minutes walk away
        • Expatriates passion for greenery and nature
        • Facilites that is well equipped
        • Bukit Panjang, The Railway Mall and Ten Miles Junction on groceries shoppingThe Skywoods Nature reserve The Skywoods shopping The Skywoods Amenities


Thomson Impressions Amazing Sales Results

Nanshan Group, a sounding name in China, plunged into its first condo development in Thomson Impressions.  They have an eye on this location, 20 Lorong Puntong as Thomson Impressions is in District 20.  This district is highly seek after as Thomson area is known for its lack of residential developments and even in today, Thomson area is deemed to be only the riches can afford.

Other than known for its “streets of wealthy people”, Thomson Road is also a “conserved” type of street with signature facade of rows of shophouses, selling local delights and has a full flavours of olden

Thomson Road pic 1

Thomson Road pic 2

Thomson Impressions 3

Thomson Impressions has all that buyers are looking for. Take a peek here.